Creating brand name awareness to achieve market dominance

The Challenge:  

The law firm of Beard & Harris was relatively unknown in the Tyler market.  The two partners wanted to increase their profile and name awareness.  They also wanted to establish their expertise at handling legal issues for both businesses and individuals.  Their goal was to position themselves as the go-to firm for any legal matter requiring expertise, confidentiality and a willingness to go to extremes on behalf of their clients. 


The Solution:  

Since the firm had already adopted a shield emblazoned with the knight chess piece as a logo, The Rénard Group recommended using chess moves as the strategy for an advertising campaign. The concept was simple: use a black knight against a white background to create a metaphor. To solve complex legal issues requires making the right moves, just as winning a chess game requires the right moves.  Three spots were produced inexpensively and placed on an aggressive schedule to esnure frequency and reach to the intended audience.  After a year, a follow-up campaign was created, this time using footage of actual chess games, but maintaining the animated logo move at the end. 


The Results:  

After four years, Beard and Harris added two more partners to the firm, becoming Beard, Harris, Bullock and Hughes.  They grew from two attorneys to a firm with eleven attorneys on staff.  They have increased their original service offering of business transaction and estate planning to become a full-service lawl firm, offering expertise in asset protection, business law, corporate compliance, criminal law, disability, employment law, entertainbment law, estate planning, family law, immigration, intellectual property, medical malpractice, personal injury, private equity/financing, and property law.  The firm has expanded with offices now on two floors of the Heritage Plaza Building in South Tyler, and satellite offices in Frisco (Dallas/Ft. Worth area) and Austin.  “Not only has our advertising been effective, we have been told by clients that we have the classiest TV commericals they have seen!” – Ty Beard, Managing Partner