Developing a unique selling proposition and establishing an identity

The Challenge:  

For years, Carey Woods had been operating his business, without achieving much growth year-to-year.  In the past, his primary advertising was a large ad in the yellow pages, like every other heating and air conditioning  company in town.  He realized he needed to create a way to stand out from the crowd.


The Solution:  

After meeting with The Rénard Group, Carey agreed what was needed was a Unique Selling Proposition (USP).  Since one did not exist, the agency did some research to determine what single thing would make C. Woods stand out from all the other heating and air conditioning contractors in Tyler.  The single thing most respondents feared most was the cost of overtime charges when service went out at night during holidays or weekends.  The Rénard Group suggested using advertising to establish brand awareness.  Instead of the typical yellow pages, which everyone in that market segment relied upon so heavily, Smith suggested using television, radio and billboards.  The Unique Selling Proposition The Rénard Group developed after conducting market research was a simple idea:  24-Hour Sudden Service/No Overtime Charge.


Television made the spokesperson an iconic figure in the Tyler market.  The catch phrase that ended every commercial, “Tell ‘em Patsy sent you,” became ubiquitous throughout East Texas.

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The Results:  

C. Woods became the largest volume heating and air conditioning contractor in East Texas.  Within two years, the yellow pages ad was cancelled and replaced with a mere listing.  The “Tell ‘em Patsy sent you” phrase was painted on the entire fleet of service trucks.  In 2012, after being a Rénard Group client for twenty-two years, Carey eventually sold the business and retired.  The new owners continued using the phrase, despite the fact that Patsy passed away several years ago. “It was the advertising that The Rénard Group developed that made our company the largest heating and air supplier in the market.” – Carey Woods


INTERESTING NOTE:  A Dallas marketing firm contacted The Rénard Group to inquire whether they were accepting new accounts.  When they mentioned their client was a heating and air conditioning company, they were told The Rénard Group was already handling C. Woods and could not take on another company in this market.  It turned out, the Dallas marketing firm was looking for an ad agency so their client could effectively compete against C. Woods!