Keeping up with the times - an old company with a new product

The Challenge:  

Rick Fedell and Greg Walker bought the fifty-year-old East Texas Typewriter company at a time when the typewriter business was being replaced with word processors and computers.  During a meeting with The Rénard Group in 1999, Walker revealed they were planning to concentrate on copy machines to supplement waning typewriter sales.


The Solution:  

The Rénard Group immediately knew the name of the company had to be changed, but felt there had to be a way to capitalize on the fifty year heritage of East Texas Typewriter.  Since the company was moving into the copy business, it made sense to maintain the East Texas part of the name, but to change it to reflect the new product line.  He came up with East Texas Copy Systems.  To take advantage of the heritage and solid reputation of East Texas Typewriter, he added a tagline:  Not a copy, the original… Since 1945!


One of the biggest profit centers in office equipment sales is in the area of supplies and service.  The Rénard Group employed television as a primary advertising medium and used it to create an image that emphasized the service aspect of the newly named company.  The new logo and the tagline was emblazoned on the fleet of service vehicles, making every vehicle in the fleet a moving billboard.  The vehicles reinforce the television advertising message every time a company vehicle is on the road, for either sales or service calls.


The Results:  

East Texas Copy Systems has grown from a single location in Tyler to multpile locations throughout East Texas, including Palestine, Lufkin, Nacogdoches, and Longivew.  In addition to being the largest suppliers of copy machines in East Texas, they expanded into document storage, IT systems management and networking, and automated telephone systems, positioning themselves as the go-to company for all office technology systems.  “The Rénard Group has been with us every step of the way.  We are now more than an equipment company.  Today we are providing complete technology solutions.” - Greg Walker, Partner


ETCS has been a client of The Rénard Group for nineteen years.