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Lani Reeves


Lani Reeves joined the agency in 2001 as the comptroller. Her primary responsibilities when she first started working at Rénard Group were strictly financial. She began to take on more responsibilities at the agency, and by doing so, became more familiar with client needs and how Rénard Group could best fulfill those needs.  

During her many years at the agency, Lani has worked in practically every aspect of the business.  From her position in finance, she expanded her knowledge base by learning about media buying, research and marketing. Her ability to master the various aspects of the business side of the agency gave her a better understanding of the creative side of the business. She soon developed a relationship with clients while handling media buying and billing that led to gaining the client’s confidence. She found herself being consulted by clients who were asking her opinion about the creative development of their advertising. She quickly learned to think like the target audience; to put herself in the place of the consumer and base her judgments on her own visceral reaction. In that way, Lani became an impartial judge as to whether the work was on target with the underlying strategy behind the creative concept.

Because of her ability to create a rapport with both clients, media and the staff, Lani promoted quickly to the level of Agency Director.   

In addition to managing the day-to-day operations of Rénard Group, Lani is a wife and full-time mother of three: two boys and a girl. She spends her free time taking care of her family, attending her children’s sporting events and extracurricular activities, and making certain they remain active in their church.




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Lani Reeves
Agency Director 
1901 Rickety Lane Suite 119
Tyler, Texas 75703