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Noel Martin


Noel was born and raised in East Texas and began career his in Graphic Design in 2005 when he discovered his interest in the creative industry. Starting in photography and branching into graphic design, He spent  years self studying and honing his skills as a designer, editor, videographer marketing professional, branding consultant and photographer.


In 2008 he began a marketing and design internship at a marketing firm and advanced to a Senior Position within the first 2 years. He continued working with that company until 2016. Since his start in the Marketing and Creative world, he has grown two businesses of his own with his advanced knowledge of Marketing, Branding and Design. Noel has been with Renard Group since 2019 and looks forward to continuing to help grow the businesses of East Texas and Surrounding.


Craft Trade Skills (wood and leather working)


Astronomy and Astrophotography

Fan/Fiction Book Series

I.T. Structures and Cyber Security

Web Designer 100%
Web Design and SEO
Web Designer 89%
Digital Marketing
Web Designer 95%

Noel Martin
Creative Director 
1901 Rickety Lane Suite 119
Tyler, Texas 75703