Creating Measurable Results


The Rénard Group Team has expertise in the following areas:

Strategy Development

Advertising Plan Development

Communication Planning

Media Placement

Creative Concept Development and Execution

Graphic Design, Animation and Print Production            

Video and Film Production and Post Production

Interactive Media and Internet Development


The Rénard Group Team generates results by designing solutions that:

Engage your audience 

Educate your audience 

Motivate your audience 

Inspire your audience

Drive the desired future behavior for your audience


Our Team’s primary responsibility is to:

Take the stress out of the planning, creative development and implementation processes by establishing clear strategies and measurable project objectives  

Develop an execution team comprised of the finest people in their respective fields 

Develop a workable schedule with defined budget parameters for specific program elements to maximize the effectiveness of your advertising investment

Provide flawless execution to deliver key messages and drive results


Our creative team works to ensure that each element of the project, from concept to completion, supports the key messages and has a common consistency.  From assessing the productivity of marketing efforts and measuring ROI to facilitating media buys and producing various collateral -- our Team will augment your existing internal resources in whatever manner is necessary to create a successful branding campaign. It is fulfilling that promise to our clients that explains why many of our clients have stayed with us for many years. 



Work Plan and Structure

As your strategic partner, we endeavor to manage the entire process from concept through completion.  We work as extensions of your team to ensure you achieve your desired results.  Your account rep becomes the de facto Project Manager, overseeing the day-to-day operations of the project and the various functional teams. This person is your primary contact, the liaison between your organization and ours, overseeing the budget and developing the team that will be responsible for implementation of all deliverables associated with your campaign.  



Creative Problem Solving                     

The creative strategy is the “packaging” of the solutions we recommend.  Ideally, the creative approach drives the messages home in a memorable way.  We develop the creative design so it follows the strategic direction – not the other way around.  We brainstorm the creative approach with the client and get your approval before we begin production.

Fiscally Responsible

We produce on time and on budget.  Always.  The Rénard Group has been creating advertising campaigns since 1977. We have worked with budgets ranging from $50 to over $1 million.  Our projects included managing labor, the development of creative elements and directing on-location activities from travel logistics to sourcing equipment and crews for projects as diverse live entertainment to staging conventions and trade shows to broadcasting and printing deadlines.  Our budgets are developed based on our extensive experience in managing processes and negotiating rates.  

Quality Assurance

Quality control is a function of following our established production plan.  Our experience developing marketing campaigns enabled us to create the production system we follow, which is a major reason our productions have flawless execution.  

As the diagram below illustrates, we review every item, using a circular flow of review until   each aspect of the project receives client approval.