Positioning a brand in a saturated business sector

The Challenge:  

Ken Threlkeld  came to The Rénard Group when the company was called Threlkeld Covington Insurance.  He was looking for a visual identity and a plan for attracting more customers.  In a market saturated with competitors, one of his concerns was that people did not understand the extent of the services and products available from his company.


The Solution:  

The first thing The Rénard Group did was design a new logo.  Animated for use in television, it is shown building from several angles, until the complete logo is revealed.  The next thing was an aggressive campaign to educate the public about the various products available through TCI, emphasizing the company’s ability to choose from several different vendors; thereby, obtaining the best possible rates for clients.  Finally, a new tagline was incorporated with the message:  Trust, remember that feeling?

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The Results:  

Threlkeld and Company Insurance is now one of the largest providers of auto, property, life insurance and commerical lines, including oil and gas, in East Texas.  Committed to giving back to the community, the company is one of Tyler’s most philanthropic organizations, routinely providing support to numerous nonprofits throughout East Texas.  Ken Threlkeld personally provides custom-made cowboy boots to the chair of the Tyler Cattle Barons’ Gala each year. Threlkeld Company Insurance has been a client of The Rénard Group for thirty-six years.  “’Trust’ is the one word people associate with our company.  They first heard the word in association with Threlkeld and Company because of our advertising.  Through the years, as we developed more clients, they found out firsthand that ‘Trust” means Threlkeld.  Our advertising is reposnsible for positioning our company as the one people trust!” – Todd Threlkeld, President and CEO.