Establishing market credibility as a leader in supporting America’s military heroes

The Challenge:  

For many years, Wells Fargo Advisors has been involved with numerous charitable activities, always working diligently in the background.  Management’s long-held belief was that touting one’s generosity diminished the sincerity of the gift.  Because it was a corporate requirement to demonstrate that community service was part of a division’s marketing efforts, a plan was needed to secure credit where credit was due without sacrificing the integrity behind the brand.


The Solution:  

The Rénard Group developed an opportunity for Wells Fargo Advisors to gain its well-deserved recognition without losing its integrity.  Rather than merely supporting a cause with donations of money, it was suggested that Wells Fargo Advisors take the lead in organizing a worthwhile cause.  The perfect vehicle, involving the entire community, was “Operation American Pride.”   This project was an effort to collect toiletries and other useful items for the benefit of military service personnel stationed overseas.  


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The Results:  

What started as a one time project, became an annual event scheduled around the July 4th holiday celebration.  Wells Fargo Advisors donated boxes, printed with the company’s logo, so each soldier could receive an individual package filled with goodies from home.  Money to purchase the items was collected by Wells Fargo Advisors and administered by The American Red Cross.  Rénard Group client, East Texas Copy Systems, provided trucks for transporting the packages from Tyler to Fort Hood, where they were made ready for shipment overseas aboard military transport flights.  Local television stations were instrumental in providing news coverage and also broadcasting public service announcements with details on where and how to make donations or to sign up as a volunteer during the packing phase of the project.  


Wells Fargo Advisors has received accolades from local, state, and national organizations for their effforts in developing Operation American Pride.  The USO cited them for their continuing support of the U. S. Military personnel around the globe, who continue as the sentinels on the watchtower of freedom.  “It is our way of letting them know we care about their sacrifices on the behalf of freedom and to, hopefully, remind them of home with these packages of items and goodies that make life a little better.”  - Greg Strnadel, Senior Vice President - Complex Manager