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Wyatt Smith


Wyatt Smith is a Tyler Native, born and raised here his whole life. He is a graduate of Bishop T.K. Gorman, having been a member of their band,
debate team, and the current events club. Wyatt has always had great interest in Music of all kinds, Current events and other world issues,
as well as discussions covering them as well as debates that are more light in tone about opinions over arts or other sorts of things that tend to be
more subjective in nature. This is only skimming the surface of who Wyatt is, but I’m sure that’s not what you’re here for.

Wyatt has been a member of the Renard Group team since late into 2020, and is currently in charge of handling websites for the Agency.
Wyatt went to TJC and got a degree in Digital Design earlier that same year before coming to join us at our company. despite being being
relatively new to the advertising business, he is eager to show what he’s capable of.


Web Designer 100%
Web Design and SEO
Web Designer 89%
Digital Marketing
Web Designer 95%

Wyatt Smith
Web Designer
1901 Rickety Lane Suite 119
Tyler, Texas 75703